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Call us now at 800-217-7440

Call our staff and give them your Paypal receipt number and they will proceed with getting a few medical history questions notated so we can find you the best Doctor. 

The Doctor will call you

After completing the medical questionaire, our Heath Staff will find a Doctor who will call in within 30 minutes to 2 days, depending on the level of service you purchased

Your consult will be similar to when you meet a Doctor in person

While your Doctor won't be weighing you and having you stick your tongue out, they will ask you a serious of questions about your symptoms, health history, prescription history, and determine how best to help you.

Prescriptions may be written or refilled

Just like at any normal Doctor's office, your Doctor may give you advice, a referral to another Doctor or medical facility, they may write you a prescription, or may write you a refill.  Since we are not the physician, we cannot guarantee a prescription will be written, that is up to the doctor, just like it would be if you saw them in person.

Prescriptions are sent to your pharmacy or our online pharmacy partner

If the Doctor does write a prescription, they will send it to the pharmacy of your choice at the end of your call.  Some pharmacies will process the order immediately, some take their time!