30 minute Dentist Rx


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For our 30 minute Dentist Rx service, our qualified Dentist will call you and if they determine you need medication for what ails you, they will write a new non-narcotic prescription or refill and the Doctor will send it to your pharmacy often in as little as 30 MINUTES!  They can book you an in-person appointment with a Dentist near you for the next day if needed.

We guarantee our Dentist will call you in 90 minutes or less after you have completed giving our staff your medical background and if they prescribe a new medication or refill, they will send it to your pharmacy within 30 minutes of the end of your call. Many of our customers complete the entire process of purchase, give medical history, Dentist consult, and Rx sent to your pharmacy in as little as 30 minutes total time! 

While many complete in 30 minutes, we guarantee the total process will take just 2 hours or less. 


Click GET STARTED, make the purchase, and make sure you put your PHONE NUMBER in, and we will call you in a few minutes.   800-217-7440 

A consult call is required for the Dentist to decide to write a prescription or refill.  Just like any visit to a Dental office, there is no guarantee the Dentist will decide to prescribe medications, it is the Dentist's decision based on your individual case. 

Please see "RX we Prescribe" above for a list of drugs we do and do not prescribe.