Global Institutional Solutions
Telemedicine Program

Global Institutional Solutions (GIS) participants will receive access to 24 Hour Physicians at a substantial discount. As a participant, you will receive a 30% discount rate of $69 for the all doctor consultations with a 24 Hour Physician.

Benefits of a membership: GIS participants may also become a 24 Physicians member by purchasing a monthly Individual or Family Plan. As a member, you will receive an ongoing discounted rate of $49.95 doctor consultations (a 50% reduction), plus a specialty discount pharmacy card that will save you money. GIS Members can purchase the upgraded $12.95 individual membership program or the $16.95 family membership program.

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Our doctors can help with over 80 common conditions from medical, behavioral, and or dermatology. All our 24 Hour Physician doctors are caring board-certified in all states, and would be more than happy to assist you with your needs. (This service is not insurance)

Same Day Appointment

Speak with a Doctor today.
$ 69 Same Day Appointment
  • Special Pricing
    for Global Institutional Solutions ONLY
  • 30% Discount rate
  • Unlimited Same Day Appointments

Family Plan

Unlimited SAME Day Appointments
$ 16
  • $49.95 Same Day Only
  • $16.95 + $49.95 = $66.90 - Initial Charge
  • Ideal for Families

Individual Plan

Unlimited SAME Day Appointments
$ 12
  • $49.95 Same Day Only
  • $12.95 + $49.95= $62.90 - Initial Charge
  • Perfect for Individuals