Mobility Support Solutions Telemedicine Program

Mobility Support Solutions (MMS) Members pay only $49.95 for the first appointment with 24 Hour Physicians 

(A non-member same day appointment cost is $99)

After the first appointment, MSS Members have to subscribe to either the monthly $12.95 individual program or the $16.95 family member program. This subscription will allow the members to get the promotional price of $49.95 consultation rate. 

Benefits of the membership: Ongoing discounted $49.95 doctor consultations (a 50% reduction), a specialty Discount Pharmacy Card that will save you money and much more. 

We can help with over 80 common conditions from medical, behavioral, and or dermatology. All our 24 Hour Physicians doctors are caring board certified in all states that will be more than happy to assist you with your needs. (This service is not insurance)

Request An Appointment: Mobility Support Solutions Members

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  • Please note, we CANNOT prescribe narcotics, or controlled substances.