30 MINUTE Rx: we can write & send prescriptions to a pharmacy as fast as 30 min

We can write & send prescriptions to your pharmacy in 30 min

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It takes hours and sometimes days just to get in to see a Doctor in person. 

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 Our Doctor will call you in as little as 30 minutes, and if they determine you need a new prescripiton or refill, they will write it and send it to your pharmacy. 

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To feel better, you may need medication. In order to get them, you often need a doctor to prescribe them. We are not a pharmacy, but we will have our certified doctor phone you so they can quickly determine which medicines will solve your issues, new or refills, then forward the prescription to your pharmacy, for as little as $29, in as little as 30 minutes






  30 MINUTE Rx - - Telemedicine Prescriptions

Simply enroll in the Concierge Dr. Rx Plan for just $29.95 today and $13 per month.  Each time you use a Dr. Consult, it will be just $29.

SPECIAL: $29.95 today covers your First Doctor Consult and first month of the $13 dues are at NO charge.  Total cost today $29.95, see SPECIAL ABOVE or BELOW...

For our Express Rx service we guarantee our Doctors will call you in 6 hours or less after you phone our staff and give them your medical background.  Like with any Doctor appointment, they may give you advice, a referral,  prescribe a new medication or refill your current prescription, up to 3 prescriptions per consult.  If they do prescribe a medication, they will send it to your pharmacy within 30 minutes of the end of your call together.  In any case, we guarantee our Doctor will call within 2 hours but since we process quickly, many of our customers complete the entire process of purchase, give medical history, doctor consult, and Rx sent to your pharmacy in as little as 30 minutes total time! 


A Dr. Consult  is required to get any prescription for medication.  Just like any visit to a Doctor's office, there is no guarantee the Doctor will decide to prescribe medications, it is the Doctor's decision based on your individual case. Please see "RX we Prescribe" above for a list of drugs we do and do not prescribe.  Charges incurred are for the Doctors time and not for any specific outcome, advice, prescription, or refill.  Once you give us your medical history no refunds are made.


The regular price for this level of service is $69 for each Dr. Consult.  Under this $13 per month plan, your consult today is just $29.95 and covers your possible (non-narcotic) prescription, refill, or referral, and storage of your record for 12 months AND an UNLIMITED number of Dr. Consults for just $29 each throughout your time on the plan.  If you don't use additional consults for 9 consecutive months, we add another Dr. Consult credit to your account so your very next Consult will not cost the normal $29.  Each 12 months we charge a $29 annual fee to cover storage of your medical records for the following year, and we add another Dr. Consult to your account for future use.  If you need an extra Dr. Consult during the year, your price is just $29.  Cancel anytime after with a 90 day notice ($39). Any doctor credits you have on your account will still be valid for 90 after you cancel. 

YOU WILL BE CHARGED $29.95 ON PAYPAL to begin your Concierge Dr. Rx Plan. 

 Click GET STARTED, make the  Click Click on GET STARTED, make the purchase, and make sure you put your phone number in, and we will call you in a few minutes.  If you don't hear from us within 15 min, call us at 800-217-7440






This is not an insurance.

Concierge Dr. Rx Plan: $29.95 for 1st Rx, 1st month FREE!

MOST POPULAR PLAN: $29.99 today covers your first Rx. $29 per month covers up to 1 Rx per month

Without a membership it costs $59 for each Rx for 24 hour service, on this plan it's only $29.  On this membership plan, your first Rx each month will be covered.  Your second Rx will either cost just $29 each, or nothing if you have any not used yet.  800-217-7440   

Concierge Dr. Rx Plan: $29/mo up to one Rx/mo

About Us

Randall Mills

 Randall Mills is a seasoned executive in the technology industry and currently is employed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Healthcare Now, Inc..  Randall also served as COO of CallMD for over 8 years and   Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Axes Technologies.  .   Randall worked for Citigroup for over 10 years. He retired as Director of Decision Sciences  for CitiCapital, a division of Citigroup and a member of the Citigroup Credit Committee. Randall was recruited by Associates First Capital and was involved in initiating an IPO for The Associates which was acquired by Citigroup. He also served in various information technology positions over his 10 year employment at Atlantic Richfield’s ARCO Oil and Gas. He was a member of the ARCO management team that initiated an IPO for Vastar Oil and Gas that was then sold to British Petroleum.    Randall received an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Management from Missouri State University. Randall was presented the UTD MBA leadership award in 2005 and served as President of the UTD Alumni Association in 2001.   Randall’s current passion is using technology to advance services provided in the healthcare industry.  

Alexandra Aguilar

Alexandra Alexandra Aguilar is our Physician Network Manager.  She has previous experience as the Physician Coodinator at Best Docs Live and a Field Technician at Aftermath. Alex matches our patients with their doctors and keeps things working. 

Patrick Kerwin

Patrick Kerwin has spent a career in developing recurring revenue solutions and is employed with us as Chief Revenue Officer. Patrick has operated businesses using recurring revenue models for over 20 years.  Patrick worked for General Motors as chief negotiator and part of the  management team at Vauxhall Motors in the UK.  A Wharton MBA, with a BS from UC Berkeley, Patrick worked at IBM, Accenture, and several IT start ups.  

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Services and Prescriptions


A consult call is required for the Doctor to decide to give medical advice, make a referral to another healthcare provider, write a new prescription or refill an older one.  Just like any visit to a Doctor's office, there is no guarantee the Doctor will decide to prescribe medications, It is the Doctor's decision based on your individual case.  Please see "Rx we Prescibe" above for list of medications we do and do not prescribe.    Please note that your fee pays for the Doctors time and making a call to you, not for a prescription.  No refunds are given if you don't get a prescription or do not like the Doctor's advice.   

Time Guarantee

Each level of services promises a Doctor will call you within a certain period of time.  For example, our 30 minute service requires the Doctor call you within 90 minutes of you CALLING US to complete your medical history.  Since we process requests as quickly as possible, many customers get a  call in just a few minutes after finishing the medical questions.  If a customer pays $99 for 2 hour service, and our Doctor does not initiate a call to them until 5 hours, we will refund the portion of the fee covering the shorter time.  So in this case, a 5 hour response would fall into the $69 6 hour service so we would refund the customer the $30 difference, provided the customer was available to take our Docotor's call.  If our Doctor calls the patient within the 2 hour window and the patient does not answer, no such guarantee applies and the full service fee is due.


We do not give refunds to anyone who actually has spoken to by one of our doctors, since they get paid for their time and making a call to you.  We do not issue refunds when our Doctor has called you but the call was not answered.  We do not issue refunds when the customer purchases but fails to call us to give us their medical history and schedule a doctor.

© 2017 Health Care Now, Inc. All rights reserved. 24hourPhysicians is a trademarks of Healthcare Now Inc. and may not be used without written permission. Health Care Now Inc./24hourPhysicians  does not replace the primary care physician. Health Care Now, inc./24hour Physicians does not guarantee that a prescription will be written.  Health Care Now, Inc. operates subject to state regulation and may not be available in certain states. Health Care Now, Inc.does not prescribe DEA-controlled substances, non-therapeutic drugs and certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. Health Care Now, Inc.  physicians reserve the right to deny care for potential misuse of services.  Any legal disputes will be contested in the Collin County Texas. 800-217-7440    

30 MINUTE Rx: we can write & send prescriptions to a pharmacy as fast as 30 min