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It takes hours and sometimes days just to get in to see a Doctor in person. 

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 Our Doctor will call you in as little as 30 minutes, and if they determine you need a new prescripiton or refill, they will write it and send it to your pharmacy. 

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For our 30 minute Prescription (Rx) service, our qualified Doctor will call you within 6 hours and if they determine you need medication for what ails you, they will write a new non-narcotic prescription or refill and the Doctor will send it to your pharmacy within 30 minutes of the end of your call!

We guarantee our Doctors will call you in 90 min or less after you call us and and give our staff your medical background and if they prescribe a new medication or refill, they will send it to your pharmacy within 30 minutes of the end of your call. Since we process orders as quickly as possible, you may get a call from your Doctor in just a few minutes.  Many of our customers complete the entire process of purchase, call us to give medical history, doctor consult, and Rx sent to your pharmacy in as little as 30 minutes total time!  

We guarantee it will take no more than 2 hours or we will refund you to the rate most appropriate to the time you were served, provided you were available to take our Doctors's call.   The fee is for the Doctors time, not for a specific outcome or prescription so no refunds are given if the prescription you want is not prescribed.  This service is available from 6am to 10pm central standard time.

Click GET STARTED, make the purchase, and make sure you put your phone number in, and we will call you in a few minutes.  If you don't hear from us within 15 min,   

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Services and Prescriptions


A consult call is required for the Doctor to decide to give medical advice, make a referral to another healthcare provider, write a new prescription or refill an older one.  Just like any visit to a Doctor's office, there is no guarantee the Doctor will decide to prescribe medications, It is the Doctor's decision based on your individual case.  Please see "Rx we Prescibe" above for list of medications we do and do not prescribe.    Please note that your fee pays for the Doctors time and making a call to you, not for a prescription.  No refunds are given if you don't get a prescription or do not like the Doctor's advice.   

Time Guarantee

Each level of services promises a Doctor will call you within a certain period of time.  For example, our 30 minute service requires the Doctor call you within 90 minutes of you CALLING US to complete your medical history.  Since we process requests as quickly as possible, many customers get a  call in just a few minutes after finishing the medical questions.  If a customer pays $99 for 2 hour service, and our Doctor does not initiate a call to them until 5 hours, we will refund the portion of the fee covering the shorter time.  So in this case, a 5 hour response would fall into the $69 6 hour service so we would refund the customer the $30 difference, provided the customer was available to take our Docotor's call.  If our Doctor calls the patient within the 2 hour window and the patient does not answer, no such guarantee applies and the full service fee is due.


We do not give refunds to anyone who actually has spoken to by one of our doctors, since they get paid for their time and making a call to you.  We do not issue refunds when our Doctor has called you but the call was not answered.  We do not issue refunds when the customer purchases but fails to call us to give us their medical history and schedule a doctor.

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