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Be healthy - Be happy!

We know you want to be happy, and we all know you have to be healthy to be happy. And we all want it now...

Easy, fast, and inexpensive to get prescriptions written and refilled

Don't you hate having to do and pay for an office visit just when you need a refill?

Come to an office or call on the phone

We have doctors who will write prescriptions for 100% of your medical needs at their office, or doctors who will write prescriptions for 70% of most peoples needs by interviewing remotely

Remote Prescriptions


Our most popular call.


It's different from a cold and needs a different treatment.

Sinus Infections

Not the same as cold or flu.

Upper respiratory infection

This is different from the cold, or a flu


Allergies often appear to have symptoms of those listed above, but take a different treatment.

Eye/Ear infections

Sometimes you just need a hot compress for your eyes, or aspirin for your ears, but It's nice to know the best solution for pains in these areas


Have that pounding headache?  Or is it a sharp pain?  What is best to use, aspirin or Tylenol.  Let's find out which is best for you in your case.


Vomiting could come from many causes:  food poisoining, morning sickness, a bad night out... Let's figure out what we need to do to get you past it...

Rashes and Skin Irritations

Rashes and Skin Irritations can be caused by a number of things.  Is it heat related, or poison oak?  An allergy, or a reaction to a cleaning chemical.  Let's get started finding out what is causing this on your skin...

Arthritic Pain

Is the pain from arthritis or from a sprain?  Did you sleep on your wrist wrong, or could the pain be from a fall you had in middle school?  Let's find out how we can help...

Yeast Infection

Have you had this before, or is it something new?  Is it a yeast infecdtion, or a urinary track infection.  Let's find out..

Urinary Tract Infection

This can be uncomfortable several times per day.  Let's see what we can do..

About Us

Randall Mills CEO

Randall Mills is a seasoned executive in the technology industry and currently is employed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Healthcare Now, Inc..  Randall also served as COO of CallMD for over 8 years and   Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Axes Technologies.  .   Randall worked for Citigroup for over 10 years. He retired as Director of Decision Sciences  for CitiCapital, a division of Citigroup and a member of the Citigroup Credit Committee. Randall was recruited by Associates First Capital and was involved in initiating an IPO for The Associates which was acquired by Citigroup. He also served in various information technology positions over his 10 year employment at Atlantic Richfield’s ARCO Oil and Gas. He was a member of the ARCO management team that initiated an IPO for Vastar Oil and Gas that was then sold to British Petroleum.    Randall received an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Management from Missouri State University. Randall was presented the UTD MBA leadership award in 2005 and served as President of the UTD Alumni Association in 2001.   Randall’s current passion is using technology to advance services provided in the healthcare industry. 


Patrick Kerwin CRO

Patrick Kerwin has spent a career in developing recurring revenue solutions and is employed with us as Chief Revenue Officer. Patrick has operated businesses using recurring revenue models for over 20 years.  Patrick worked for General Motors as chief negotiator and part of the  management team at Vauxhall Motors in the UK.  A Wharton MBA, with a BS from UC Berkeley, Patrick worked at IBM, Accenture, and several IT start ups.  



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