About us

24hourPhysicians® provides immediate phone access 24/7/365 to a doctor for personal consultation and diagnosis.

Makes your life easier

Healthcare Now offers a solution, 24 Hour Physicians, that’s as groundbreaking as it is innovative.

We offer 24/7 remote access to doctors and pharmaceutical services for a simple affordable price.

24 Hour Physicians pays for itself (and then some!) every time it’s used.

Our physician network is based all over the nation and is comprised with friendly board certified in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, and Emergency Medicine; as well trained license mental health professionals to assist with counseling and behavioral health services.

Who We Are

Randall Mills

CEO & Founder
Board Member

Patrick Kerwin

Chief Revenue Officer
Board Member

Anjmun Sharma, MD

Medical Director
Board Member

Lee Thurburn

Chief Technology officer

Michael Chapman

Board Member

Bob Boshwer

Board Member

Renzie De Leon

Customer Support Manager

Lauren Lujan

Marketing Manager