We are pleased to extend a sincere welcome to Care4You diabetes program patients. The 24HourPhysicians medical team is committed to providing you with the high quality, personalized care you deserve. As a Care4Your patient, we know your needs are special, so your care will be managed by our outstanding panel of telemedicine physicians. We thank you for your trust, and we are pleased to welcome you to our diabetes management program.

We are always here when you need us

As a diabetes or prediabetes patient, your health is our primary concern.  Please know our physicians can help with more than 80 additional common conditions if you need us for illnesses such as a cold, the flu or infections. Our physicians are board certified in all states and are more than happy to provide medical care in other areas should the need arise.  We have a variety of  prepaid physician consultation plans from which to choose. Please don’t hesitate to ask our patient services staff for more information. (This program is not insurance.)

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  • Please note, we CANNOT prescribe narcotics, or controlled substances.