Concierge Dr. Plan

30 Minute Rx - Telemedicine Prescriptions

Simply enroll in our monthly Concierge Doctor Plan for just $29.95 today and your first doctor consultation is free,  then pay only  $13 per month for an individual membership or $22 for a family membership.  Each time you use your Concierge plan  to schedule a doctor   consultation,  you only pay $29 (an up to $70 per consultation discount!).  The concierge membership fee is only $13 per month for an individual,  or $22 per month for a family. 

For our Express Doctor Consultation service, we guarantee our Doctors will you call in 24 hours or LESS after you enroll and phone our staff and give them your medical background.  Many times, the doctor  will call you within 30 minutes of your call to us and the whole process including your Rx sent your pharmacy can take as short as 30 minutes!

As with any Doctor appointment, they may give you advice, a referral, prescribe a new medication or refill your current prescription (up to 3 prescriptions per consultation).  If they do prescribe a medication, they will send it to your pharmacy within 30 minutes of the end of your call together.


Details of the Concierge Plan

The regular price for this level of service is $69 for each Dr. Consult.  Under this $13/$22 per month plan, your consult today is included in the $29.95 enrollment fee so just call us at the number below.

Enroll and then call us at 800-217-74409.  The $29.95 enrollment  covers your first possible (non-narcotic) prescription, refill, or referral, and storage of your records for 12 months.  The $13/22 per month covers an UNLIMITED number of Dr. Consults for just $29 each throughout your time on the plan.  Each 12 months we charge a $29 annual fee to cover storage of your medical records for the following year, and we add another Dr. Consult to your account for future use.

If you need an extra Dr. Consult during the year, your price is just $29.  You may cancel the Concierge Plan anytime after three payments are completed with a 30 day notice. Any doctor credits you have on your account will still be valid for 30 after you cancel. 


Dr. Consult  is required to get any prescription for medication.  Just like any visit to a Doctor’s office, there is NO GUARANTEE the Doctor will decide to prescribe medications, it is the Doctor’s decision based on your individual case. Please see prescriptions we prescribe above for a list of drugs we do and do not prescribe.  Our charges incurred are for the Doctors time and not for any specific outcome, advice, prescription, or refill.  Once you speak with a Doctor no refunds will be made.




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This is not an insurance.