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30 Minute Rx - Telemedicine Prescriptions


This page is for Concierge Dr. Rx Members Only


Now that you have enrolled in the Concierge Dr. Rx plan that allows $69 consults for just $29 each, you will be charged $13 per month starting next month.  When you need a Dr. Consult, go to the next section down and click SCHEDULE NOW for just $29. 


If you don’t need one now, just come back to this page to buy one at any time in the future.  If you pay the dues for 9 consecutive months, we will put a free consult on your account.  Each year, we will charge a $29 fee to cover maintaining your medical records, and we will credit your account with one free consult. Cancel any time with a 90 day notice at the bottom of this page



Doctor Consult for Concierge Dr. Rx Plan Members


For our Express Prescription (Rx) service, our qualified Doctor will call you and if they determine you need medication for what ails you, they will write a new non-narcotic prescription or refill and the Doctor will send it to your pharmacy in as little as 30 minutes!

We guarantee our Doctors will call you in 24 hours or less after you have completed giving our staff your medical background and if they prescribe a new medication or refill, they will send it to your pharmacy within 30 minutes of the end of your call.  Since we process orders as fast as possible, your doctor may call you in a just a minutes. Many of our customers complete the entire process of purchase, give medical history, doctor consult, and Rx sent to your pharmacy in as little as 30 minutes total time!  

This $29 rate requires you are ALREADY A MEMBER. If you wish to join enroll the link below at the bottoma of the page.  Those who are not members will be charged $69.




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